Saturday, May 11, 2013

"Wandering Path" ~ Turquoise and Gold Bead Embroidered Bracelet

 "Wandering Path"

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"ARTiCREATE"  is a focus on my artwork that is created in originality - which is everything I do: original.  Originality is key with me ~ it's something that artists of all media should strive for and make their ultimate goal.  This is where the JOY is to be found, as well.  If you are an artist or a crafter, I encourage you to seek your own original style for the greatest satisfaction.  Learn what you need to from others who have shared their work (either in books, classes, or on-line tutorials) then spread your wings and fly solo!

Here are some photos of my recent beaded embroidered pieces, which is a current direction (and obsession) for me - as working with colorful glass beads, gemstones, and other small jewels is very much like painting, only on a very small scale.  The sewing part is not only meditative, but challenging as well.  There are no pre-set patterns or diagrams that inform my bead embroidery;  instead, my designs are chosen and evolve organically, and my favorite colors direct the whole process.  With bead embroidery, the beads are adhered to the foundation base one at a time, or at the most, two at a time.  Then a specialty thread is sent back through the beads once or twice for added strength, and to align the beads so that they are arranged in an attractive and unique construction.

The above photograph shows a beaded embroidered bracelet with glass toggle that includes turquoise gemstones, crystals glass beads, buttons, and cabochons all hand-sewn onto a foundation.  The process is addictive and very enjoyable, despite the fact that it takes days to create something this intricate. 

I hope you'll be inspired by my posts to try some of these bead embroidered projects yourself!

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