Wednesday, October 30, 2013

"Night and Day" ~ Bead Embroidered Cuff Bracelet

My latest bead embroidered cuff bracelet presented a challenge.  Could I make something interesting out of only black and white beads without any color to sing out?  Color is the driving force behind all of my jewelry creations, so this limitation was new for me.   I'm calling this bracelet:

"Night and Day" 

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Although I like the combination of black and white, I prefer the more "vintage" appearance of ivory/cream/ecru shade of white instead of a stark, bright white. This project's goal was a more modern look.  I think the bracelet turned out very contemporary.

Below is the finished bead embroidered top piece - photographed flat so that it shows up better:

After the bead embroidered top piece is cut away from the bead backing (Black NBB by Nicole Campanella ~ the BEST backing on the market!), then this top is attached with glue to the brass cuff bracelet blank.

This is the top view of the cuff.  The beads are many varieties, sizes, shapes, and finishes of glass beads.  Although it may be difficult to see in the above photo (black is difficult for me to photograph), there are a total of four black Lucite flowers - each has a white beaded "stamen" in the middle.

This side view shows one of the two large, oval, striped beads.  The design of these two beads contributes to the modern look of the bracelet.

Finally, an end view of the cuff showing the inside black UltraSuede that finishes off the cuff with a soft fabric against the skin, as well as encases the inner brass cuff bracelet.  Around the edges I have sewn a picot edging, which is subtle so as not to take anything away from the focal beads.

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Monday, October 14, 2013

"Canyon Creek" Bead Embroidered Cuff Bracelet

*Canyon Creek*

This latest bead embroidered cuff bracelet is called "Canyon Creek."  The Aqua Terra Jasper stones are currently my favorite gemstones ~ they have that water + land appearance, with swirling earth tones in blues, creams, tans, and rusts. 

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Above I've shown the beaded top finished on the "Hawk Wing" color of Nicole's BeadBacking foundation.  I think it's easier to see the entire bracelet design when it's flat like this, since the curavture of the cuff bracelet allows you to see only small sections at a time.

In the photo above, I have cut away the backing foundation, and the beaded top part is ready to be glued to the brass blank cuff.  The central focal jasper stone is rectangular, but the two jasper stones on each side are not exactly the same - this lent a slightly free-form design to the bracelet.  It's always enjoyable to pull out the colors from the stones and let them flow where they will.

After I finished the cuff, I decided the central focal jasper cabochon might benefit from a circle of Aqua Terra jasper beads. 

This below photo shows the side view.  Besides the smaller Aqua Terra jasper beads, I placed six larger beads in the same coloration flat on the bracelet with a "stop bead" to hold them down.  I also had four glass flower beads that carried the same color theme.  The rust-colored beads are also glass, but with a matte finish.  Included are aqua crystals, and AB glass beads in several sizes and shapes.

 Inside is a soft, brown UltraSuede.  The edging on this cuff follows the bead choice on the bracelet itself - which is a different look for me, but one I am pleased with.  I even included some metallic cube beads for added interest.