Thursday, February 13, 2014

"Coming Attraction"

Going to see a special movie, 
I remember sitting in the darkened theater 
waiting for my eyes to adjust.   
Slowly, my eyes grew accostomed to the dim light, 
and then all the colors sang out.  
The movie screen showed the "Coming Attraction"  . . . 

The beginning of "Coming Attraction" started with the idea of using black beads sewn on a black foundation.  Black is wonderful for showcasing my favorite turquoise color.  But could my eyes adjust to sewing black beads with black thread onto a black foundation?    (Yes!)

I chose two oval magnesite cabochons with black and brown matrix (veining), 
and then added several shiny jet black cabochons, 
all of which I bezeled with seed beads.   
From there, I began a beading journey with texture in mind.  

Above photo shows the finished bead embroidered piece before 
it is attached to the brass blank cuff and made into a bracelet.  

Click on any photo for larger view.

Here are some of the various components in "Coming Attraction."
  • magnesite
  • dyed jade
  • faceted crystal beads
  • glass seed beads
  • bugle beads
  • vintage buttons (3)
  • wool-covered button
  • AB glass 8 mm beads
  • black Lucite flowers
  • turquoise and brown dyed Jasper
  • crystal bi-cone beads in black and turquoise
  • iridescent seed beads
  • black sequins (3)

Around the edges of the cuff bracelet, I've sewn on 
size 11 shiny, opaque, black seed beads 
with an apex of three turquoise AB seed beads in the picot design.

I was delighted with the Midnight Black foundation 
by Nicole Campanella (NBB) ~ 
It was not difficult at all sewing black beads onto the black NBB.  
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