Thursday, December 8, 2016

The Subtle Side of Autumn

 The Subtle Side of Autumn . . .

This most recent bead embroidered cuff bracelet that I made is a commissioned piece for a lovely lady who wears and enjoys the beautifully subtle colors of autumn: bronze, olive, burnt orange, taupe, and brown.  It was a joy making this bracelet because I also love these colors.  The stones I used in this bracelet include Jasper, faux pearl, and Japanese glass Toho beads.

Because I believe that Nicole Campanella's Beadwright Beadbacking is the ONLY backing worth working on for hours on end, I chose her Hawk color, which was the perfect background for these autumnal colors.  It makes the experience of bead embroidery that much more enjoyable when your bead backing material is not only a color that compliments your design, but is 100% perfect for stitching beads of various sizes, and sewing through each of the beads as many as four different times.  If you are a bead embroiderer and haven't tried Nicole's Beadbacking, please do yourself an immense favor and you'll never look back!  Trust me on this!  (See my previous posts for information on Nicole Campanella's Beadbacking and Web site.)

This cuff has an inner brass bracelet inside for stability, and an UltraSuede lining on the inside for comfort.  The advantage of the brass bracelet inside is that the wearer can pull it to stretch the cuff larger, or squeeze it to make the cuff smaller - depending on her wrist size.


*Click on photos to see enlarged sizes.  


The top photo is the bead embroidered cuff bracelet before it is attached to the inner brass form.  The bottom photo shows the finished bracelet with beaded picot edging.