Thursday, June 26, 2014

"The Golden Bee"

~ Bead Embroidered Pendant with Necklace ~

"The Golden Bee" was created to showcase a beautiful rectangular pendant gemstone of pink dyed Jasper and an assortment of similar Jasper organic-shaped stones drilled for stringing into a necklace.

The Jasper stone was attached to a white foundation by Nicole Campanella called NBB.  This was before I knew she carried a hot pink NBB in the Tropical Berry color that might have been just perfect.  But with the white foundation, I merely used some liquid fabric dye to get the white NBB the color pink that I wanted.  Now I have the Tropical Berry color in my stash, ready for the next hot pink project.

Above is a closer view of the pendant.  I've included smaller pink-dyed Jasper stones in two different variations, plus a pink-dyed pearl, marbled glass beads, a hot pink cut crystal, bugle beads, Japanese  glass seed beads in a chocolate brown, gold, hot pink, pearl, topaz, and luster. 

The triangular gold piece in the 4 o'clock position is a gold button from my grandmother's collection - it truly resembles a gold nugget. Buttons from the `30's and `40's were so well made and very unique. 

Dangling at the bottom of the pendant I have added hot pink crystal bicones, bubblegum pink cracked glass round beads, and cut crystal AB drops in hot pink.  The little gold bee charm, after which the necklace is named, hangs from the bottom as well - it is anatomically correct on both the front and back.

The necklace part consists of strung pink-dyed and drilled Jasper stones with one glass seed bead in hot pink between each stone so they will drape well.  A gold chain with an AB pink crystal finishes off the necklace so that it can be worn at various lengths.

I seem to be drawn to Jasper ~ the different colors and looks always intrigue me. 

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Monday, June 2, 2014

"The Golden Hour"

A few years ago I attended an outdoor wedding that became my most favorite wedding of all time.  The setting with a few shade trees was decked out all in white, ecru, cream, and every shade of off-white that you can imagine.  Bleached linen tablecloths draped over tables, mosquito netting ruffled in the breeze, white chairs were lined up 'just so.'

White iron props were collected and carefully placed: antique urns, bird cages, elaborate candlesticks, lanterns, and gates. The resulting image was perfect peace, serenity, and beauty.

The ceremony was timed to occur during "The Golden Hour."  The sun was setting just behind the bride and groom as they said their vows, and the entire scene was bathed in the most gorgeous golden color!  Everyone looked stunning in this golden glow.  The time was just after 7 p.m.  I noted it on my watch, and remembered it as "The Golden Hour."

Recently I came across an old watch that I kept despite the fact that it was broken - I just couldn't bear to toss it out, and my jeweler assured me that there was no way to fix it.  It's a "skeleton" watch, meaning you can see through it to all the inner gears and mechanisms.  I set it to just after "The Golden Hour" and bead embellished it with golden beads.
The gold beads are in size 6, 8, and 11.  For contrast, I added some chocolate brown cut crystal rondelles and seed beads, then a final round of chocolate brown twisted bugle beads with three gold seed beads as a picot finish on each end.  
The foundation, which can't be seen as it is entirely covered up, is Nicole Campanella's NBB in the Hawk Wing color - which always works well with gold beads.

Above photo shows the back of the beaded watch.  Peyote stitches circle around with added dark gold beads for interest and contrast.  The bail is made of bugle beads + seed beads in the ladder stitch.  You can see the gears in this photo.  The necklace is a simple string of chocolate brown glass pearls.