Wednesday, June 16, 2010



An altered art book created by Lynn Lindley
that celebrates the beauty of RUST ~

focusing on the color of rust and verdigris,
and featuring the unique texture of rust by inclusion of actual
rusted embellishments such as washers, nails, S hooks,
keys, pins, paper clips, and other 3D pieces,
all with a vintage flair.

This altered art book also includes hand-dyed silk ribbons,
vintage ephemera, lace, words/text/pages from old books,
distressed tags, buttons, stickers, photographs, tiny faux jewels,
images from outdated magazines, letters and envelopes from
the 19th century, glass, seashells and anything else that
struck my fancy that was rusty or defined "rust" such as
entries from old dictionaries. 

Oh, and paint. Lots of paint.
Below are the pages from the book, along with selected notations
of what is on the page (mostly cut-0ut text from old books) but
is difficult to read in these photographs.

Click on the pictures to see a larger image
Below are the photos of the pages in the book.
(After the photos are the words on each page.)

Woman says: "I admit that I have an inexplicable fondness for rust."
 Myth: Rusty Nails Cause Tetanus
The lock was impenetrable due to the rust
on the ancient key plate.
 The box was forever sealed shut with rusty nails.

The Gifford Sisters, Mathilda and Maude
Writing on left side (cut-out words from the text of an old book) reads:
"Mathilda was a lovely and gentle nice girl but Maude
she was a hovering witch and the most beautiful of the
two women ... Mathilda and Maude were also trying
desperately to marry powerful, young men from London."
 "Do you love me?"
"Yes, my lord." "Of course."
Was he infatuated with her at that time?
Yes, very much in love with her.
 Quincy invented Rust-OLeum.
I tell you that I know he's the
only man who had this formula.

 Their inheritance amounted to nothing
more than an old bucket full of rusty nails.
 Alice St. Cyre
She was a tough little button.
She was too proud to acknowledge her poor
relatives, Rusty, Miranda, and Little Luke.

 Carmen ~ She worked in the bookstore at #5 Rusty Lane.
 He was a regular at the Rusty Nail Pub
sitting at the bar ordering *Rusty Nails* and
waiting for his friends to show up.

 The gleaners removed the rusty nails from
the old abandoned structures and
used them to reinforce their own homes.
 Her hair was the color of rusty nails.

The very dangerous neighbors ... Mrs. Foster, Mrs. Hunt, and Mrs. White ...
"specially exasperating, slightly rebuking old fogies"

Rusty washers were the only things
holding their relationship together.

Georgie was a laundress who specialized in
the removal of rust stains from fine linen.

Her heart was hammered shut with rusty nails.
The solution called for a tincture of rusty nails.
She collected seashells and rusty nails.

Inside of back cover of *RUST*
*RUST* by Lynn Lindley ©