Monday, April 18, 2011


* TIME *

Altered Art Book by Lynn Lindley

Images of vintage clock faces always catch my eye, and I'm compelled to cut them out and save them. Over the years, I collected so many clock faces that I had more than enough to completely cover and decoupage a metal wastebasket with them. Even after that project, I continued to cut out and collect vintage clock faces out of habit. My idea for an altered art book with the subject of *TIME* seemed a logical venue for using my growing collection.

For weeks I jotted down phrases and sayings that had to do with time - and surprisingly, there were so many, I didn't even use them all. Dangling from a snippet of vintage seam binding is a miniature glass bottle ~ inside is the word "time" taken from the text of an old book. (Time in a bottle.) The tabs on each page have a time or date that is personally significant to me written in gold ink. Several of the hands on the clocks inside and on the cover of the book turn, and there are other 3-D objects such as minature clock faces and watches included as well.

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(Above) The cover of *TIME* altered art book

The following photos (shown after the page titles) show the pages of my altered art book called *TIME*

These are the titles of the pages:

Passing The Test Of Time
Time Well Spent - If I Could Save Time In A Bottle
Time Will Tell - Time Is On My Side
Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? 25 or 6 to 4
Double Time - Keeping Time
Time Will Tell - The Clock Watchers
Time Heals All Wounds - Time Frame
Time Stands Still
Too Much Time On Her Hands
It's About Time
Time Flies
Time After Time
Always Be On Time