Wednesday, March 5, 2014

"Stepping Stones" ~ Necklace Featuring Red Creek Jasper

The gemstone Jasper is playing a starring role again in my beaded creations.  This particular Jasper stone is called Red Creek Jasper, and the colorations of the stones range from a light creamy yellow, to a soft orange, on to a deep red, a gray-green, an olive green, and finally a brown.  Often the stones have most of these colors embedded in them in swirly patterns. 

click on photo for larger image

This necklace incorporates large Red Creek Jasper free-form beads (the long, narrow shapes), as well as a triangular piece in the middle, and several oval-shaped beads besides the round 4 mm, 6 mm, and 8 mm beads.  I've added Yellow Jasper in places to play off the yellow coloration.  In addition, there are a few Agates, and lots of Japanese Toho glass seed beads in olive green, dark taupe, and a creamy yellow - these are in sizes 6, 8, 11, and 15. 

The entire piece was hand sewn and embroidered bead by bead on Nicole Campanella's NBB foundation in the color Hawk Wing.  The backing is a soft tan-colored UltraSuede.  Around the edges of the piece I have added very delicate picot edging with tiny size 15 beads. 

The toggle bar and loop closure is made with seed beads, and I got a little ambitious and made a beaded bead as well.  I'm still working on improving that technique . . .

Here is a closer look at the various colorations in Red Creek Jasper beads. 


  1. Lynn, just saw this necklace on Nicole's web page and as soon as I opened it........I saw a turtle. It may be that I just did a tiny turtle for a pal, but there it was the front feet, head and body shape. I love your work, keep it going. Donna

    1. Ohmygoodness, you are so right, dmZapp! Definitely looks like a turtle, or maybe a lizard of some sort. You have a very good eye! Thanks for showing this to me. :)

    2. I meant to say "THANK YOU" too, Donna, for the kind compliment!