Saturday, November 9, 2013

"Jungle Fever" Bead Embroidered Pendant with Bead Necklace.

Leopardskin Jasper, (also called Jaguar Stone), is one of the many different appearances in the stone called Jasper.  My current attraction to Jasper stones stems from its beautiful earthy and natural look ~ all the warm colors found in nature can be seen in the various Jasper stones.  Each one is a work of art all by itself, even before it is embellished with bead embroidery.

This bead embroidered pendant (with necklace) features Leopardskin Jasper 9 mm. round beads, as well as cut black crystals, glass seed beads in black as well as burnt orange, with a seed bead toggle and clasp for continuity.

 The central rectangular cabochon is an agate.  The colors in the focal agate marry well with the colors found in the Leopardskin Jasper beads, each having rusty browns, blacks, burnt oranges, and cream colors.  At the bottom of the focal cabochon agate is a triangular Leopardskin Jasper chip bead.

This pendant was bead embroidered onto Nicole's NBB in the Rich Brown Color.  See the below link to purchase this amazing beading foundation by Nicole Campanella.

Above the agate cabochon, is a black glass square cabochon surrounded by twelve  4 mm. Leopardskin Jasper beads.
The edges of the pendant are enhanced with a picot beading stitch, and the back of the pendant (not shown) is finished off with a soft cheetah print UltraSuede.  Given the pairing of the Leopardskin Jasper and the cheetah print UltraSuede, I named this one "Jungle Fever."

Below is a closer view of the pendant by itself.  Click on any photo to enlarge image.


  1. Lynn this turned out so pretty. Wonderful

    1. Thanks, Nicole !
      A compliment from you is very special !