Tuesday, November 5, 2013

"Emerald Green Beauty"

"Emerald Green Beauty" is a bead embroidered pendant with attached necklace created with an emerald green oval glass cabochon and a rectangular black glass cabochon situated above it.  Surrounding the two main cabochons are black and green glass beads in various sizes and shapes, including two black faceted crystals on each side.  

Emerald Green just happens to be the Pantone Color of the Year for 2013.
Is green one of your favorite colors?  It's certainly eye-catching.

Black is the perfect foil to set off this rich color.  I've included a few green beads that have a bit of a chartreuse (warm) color to them, as well as some green beads that lean to a blue (cool) shade to give the central cabochon some added interest.  Although both are in the green family ... the slight variation adds an element of depth to the pendant.  Hanging from the bottom of the pendant is a black faceted glass drop with a very long and narrow shape.  The bail is made from seed beads, as is the toggle closure at the end of the black crystal necklace.  When I can, I prefer to make the toggle and loop closure with beads instead of a silver or gold metal closure.  That way, whomever wears the piece is not limited by my color choice.   
As it happens, black is a very hard color to photograph well - at least it is for me.  

Although it cannot be seen in this photo, this bead embroidered pendant was sewn on 
Nicole's BeadBacking in the Leaf Green color - a perfect match, and since the green glass cabochon was translucent, the Leaf Green NBB was an excellent choice that maintained the rich green color.  Each time I work on Nicole's BeadBacking in her various lovely colors, I send up a grateful thanks that I don't have to dye my foundation after I've sewn on all the beads.  Thank you, Nicole!  If you want further information about her great beading foundation, please see the link at the end of this post.

The back of the pendant is finished off with green UltraSuede, sewn to the front of the pendant with black glass seed beads in a picot edging.

Click on photo for larger image.


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