Sunday, March 22, 2015

Her Majesty

Bead Embroidered Pendant with Necklace

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My fascination with the stone called Jasper lives on.  This particular cabochon (top stone) caught my eye in my local bead shop due to its color and unusual shape.  I added a round Jasper cabochon from my collection that contained the same coloration, as well as two red-violet glass cabs.

The remaining stones and assorted beads include lavender and purple faux pearls, cut crystal beads, Japanese iris glass beads, small glass flowers, and a few garnets.   
This pendant had a Victorian look to it, hence the title, "Her Majesty."  

The back side is finished off with a burnt sienna Ultra Suede fabric, with more tiny glass beads adorning the edges of the pendant, seen only from the back.  I prefer this finishing technique so that none of my sewing stitches show.  

The bead embroidery was sewn on Nicole Campanella's foundation, NBB, in purple ~ a royal color.  

The necklace part is cut crystal beads in magenta with a toggle closure made up of seed beads to carry the theme and to avoid adding a metallic color to the mix.

The edges of the pendant have a tiny picot design made up of the tiniest size 15 seed beads, resembling open lacework.  

If you are interested in bead embroidery, I highly recommend the beading foundation created by Nicole Campanella called NBB (Nicole's Bead Backing)  You can find it here:

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