Saturday, September 20, 2014

"Dress Rehearsal"

"Dress Rehearsal"

Bead Embroidered Bracelet 

I've named this bracelet "Dress Rehearsal" in honor of my maternal grandmother whose love of sewing was passed down to me.  She lovingly made many costumes for my mother over the years.  I imagined her working on a similar project for a special costume in time for a dress rehearsal for a play, pageant, or parade.

For a number of months now I've been noticing on these really striking bead embroidered bracelets that feature a swirling, pleated fabric.  It took me a number of clicks and following a few links, but finally I discovered that this "fabric" is called SHIBORI SILK RIBBON

Next, I just HAD to get some and try my hand at beading with it.  OH, is it wonderful stuff!

I firmly believe in keeping my business local and supporting my local bead shop.  But every once in a while, I need something different that isn't carried by my hometown bead shop.  Thank goodness for ~ this is where I find out-of-the-ordinary unique beads and beading supplies, and it makes me very happy to give my business to Etsy sellers.

If you are interested in incorporating Shibori Silk Ribbon into your beading designs, I encourage you to give it a whirl.  The silk ribbon is dyed the most delightful colors and arrives pleated.  It's up to you if you want to retain the pleats, or spread them out.   Yes, it takes a bit of patience.   The silk ribbon, I found, has a mind of its own ... it seemed easier to work "with" it than "against" it.

The silk ribbon is first gently tacked down onto Nicole Campanella's beading foundation (NBB), with thread in a color close to the ribbon color. I took tiny little (almost invisible) stitches every 1/2" to 1".  This kept the ribbon from moving around too much, and set the stage for the beading process to follow.
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My bracelet includes a number of "Peacock Iris" iridescent beads, and most have an AB (Aurora Borealis) finish.  The bezeled cabochons are Jasper and glass.  The pearls are freshwater (dyed) and glass.  The crystals are faceted.  The round beads are Jasper, and the seed beads are Japanese Toho glass.  The gold clasp is made in Germany and embellished with iris Hematite cube beads.  Around the outer edge of the bracelet, I have sewn AB drop beads in various shades of turquoise, green, purple, and gold ~ interspersed with a picot edging.

On the underside of the bracelet, a turquoise UltraSuede lends softness against the skin.  This was such a delightful project that I could hardly wait to start another Shibori Silk Ribbon bracelet. Next up: in time for Autumn, the glorious colors of a fall sunset... 

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  1. ooohhhhhmmmyyyyygggooossshhhhh!!!!!!! Lynn this is beyond stunning. I am breathless. OK caught my breath now I have chills. You my friend are amazing.

  2. Thank you, Nicole! You are so dear to give me such glowing compliments. This is something anyone can do, as you know. I just want to spread the joy and encourage anyone reading this blog to give it a try.