Sunday, July 27, 2014


ENDURING  is my latest bead embroidered piece.  A dear friend gifted me with a long, beaded, lariat-style necklace, and I wanted to create a pendant for it. Although I had several colors and tones of "gold" beads, none exactly matched the ones in the necklace (of course!). So I used as many "gold" colored glass beads as I could in order to trick the eye into seeing these two parts as compatible.

The above photo shows the pendant part up close.  The colors are a little truer to life in this photo - even though I took both photos at the same time from the same place.  

The central stone is a Jasper cabochon with mottled colorations.  The other seven stones that are bezeled on the pendant are also Jasper, in complementary colors.  In addition to the glass Japanese Toho seed beads in various sizes, I have added topaz-color cut Swarovski crystals.

The two beads that hang from the bottom of the pendant are especially unique, and very pretty on both sides.  I didn't want to cover up one of the sides, and they seemed to show best with a little light coming through them, so I attached them as drops.

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The back is finished with UltraSuede in a gold color, with additional peyote stitching around the entire edge to hide any thread stitches.
The bale is a graduated "ombre" design in peyote stitch, wide enough to accept two strands of the beaded lariat necklace.

This bead embroidered pendant was sewn onto Nicole Campanella's beading foundation called NBB in the Hawk Wing color.  If you follow my blog, you know that I won't use anything else but Nicole's product - it's the BEST there is!  You can learn more about it at:


  1. Wow this is amazing Lynn. You are such a wonderful artists in all mediums.
    Thank you for always mentioning me and NBB.

    1. Thank YOU for the kind words! I want everyone who works in bead embroidery to know about NBB - if they would only try it, they'd never want to work on anything else. :)

  2. i am in awe. you do such majestic work. in addition to teaching myself crochet, i rented beading books from library. but to tell you the truth beading looks intimidating. so many stitch patterns to remember. hopefully one day i will take the plunge and get some beads and start beading. cheers!!

    1. Thank you for your very generous compliment. I agree that some of the beading books and beading magazines are really very intimidating. They are WAY over my head, skilll-wise. My advice is to just get some materials and play around with it on your own instead of trying to follow a pattern. If you need help, you can always watch the on-line tutorials - such as the ones on YouTube or on They are free and very informative. Sometimes seeing it done is easier than reading about it. :)

    2. thanks for advice. lynn your truly is as the title of your post - ENDURING! cheers!!

  3. Thank you! Best of luck to you as you pursue your beading adventures! :)