Friday, September 27, 2013

"Burnt Offering"

"Burnt Offering"

"Burnt Offering" is a bead embroidered pendant strung on a beaded necklace.  Oh, these colors are my favorite!  Especially this time of year as we approach Autumn. 

After making several bead embroidered cuff bracelets, I was amazed at how quickly this pendant came together. 

*Click on photo for enlarged view

Below is a closer view of the pendant.  I embroidered the stones onto Nicole's BeadBacking
(order yours by clicking here: ) in her beautifully vibrant red color, which lent the piece a firey tone. 

The upper stone is Pyrite - it looks gold in this photo, but it's really more of a vintage silver look. 

The bottom stone is a cabochon that I ordered from India.  It came marked as:  "Natural Silver Spider Web Copper Coral Cushion," and indeed it does have a silver-toned spider web look to it.

In addition to the two gemstones, included are burnt orange cut crystals, two jasper "donut" beads, and various glass seed beads in matte and opaque - sizes 6, 8, 11, and 15 (around the bezel of the Pyrite stone). 

The beads in the necklace are called "Sponge Coral" and each one has a slightly different organic shape to it.

I made a toggle and loop for the closure, as I find this kind of beaded toggle closure ties in the whole design better than a store-bought "silver" metal toggle.  Besides - it's fun to make your own toggles.  You probably already have enough beads, and they make up very quickly. 

The back side of the bead embroidered pendant (not shown) is a very deep, cranberry-colored  UltraSuede fabric.


  1. Wow!!!! this is beautiful!!! I love the colors and in combination with the stones. Great piece of art.

  2. This is beautiful Lynn and the name is perfect. Ah I see my friend Nicole is here.:)) Nice to know she knows you.:)

    1. Many thanks, "MeOfCourse"! Sweet of you to comment.