Tuesday, February 28, 2012

"Verdigris and Sepia" Tags


The patina formed on rusted copper and some other materials such as brass and bronze that are exposed to the elements is called VERDIGRIS for its lovely green-gray color.  Often a turquoise shade that develops due to outdoor weathering can be seen as well.  This is one of my favorite colors, and nature herself creates it!

The vintage photos of olden days in SEPIA tones also intrigue me.  That distinct yellowish-brown-gray color found in ephemera of times past is another color I gravitate to quite often.  There is a *stop and take a look* calmness and serenity to sepia-toned photographs. 

To celebrate these favorite two colors of mine, I created the "Verdigris and Sepia" Tags which are displayed on a burlap-covered board.  This is third in a series - the first being the Christmas Tags, and the second set being the RED tags. 

                                                        "Verdigris and Sepia Tags"

*Click once or twice on any of the photos in this blog to see an enlarged image.


  1. So clever! I really like how you've displayed them on a burlap-covered board. Great idea!

  2. I also covered the back of the board, and used old wooden numbers (glued on) for the Christmas Advent Tag board - so all I have to do is turn the board around for that use. Around the edges of this two-sided board are vintage upholstery tacks.