Sunday, October 17, 2010

Black and White (and Sepia) Altered Art Book

"Black and White (and Sepia)"

Altered Art Book

by Lynn Lindley

This altered art book began as featuring only

Black and White.

Before I could finish even one page of the book,
I realized that Black and White
would be too restrictive for me,
and it lacked the warmth that I always gravitate to ...
so I allowed Sepia tones to join in the creation ~
and it became a wonderful project
with lots of special and meaningful pages in black, white, and sepia.
The majority of the pages feature vintage
family photos of a personal nature,
so I'm including here just a couple
of the more generalized pages.

Below is the open book spread out so that on the left side
you can see the back cover,
and on the right side you see the front cover.

The front cover was the most FUN to create.
These are slide mounts each with photos,
vintage and new,
or small pieces of ephemera inside,
and other little images that appeal to me.

(Click on any of the photos for a closer look.)


  1. Lynn,
    What a beautiful book! I'm partial to altered work with family photos. I love the combination of colors too. The sepia does really warm everything up. I always enjoy looking at your work. It's wonderful!

  2. You are so sweet, Cindy! Thank you very much for your kind compliments!