Wednesday, July 14, 2010

"A ~ You're Adorable!"

My recent altered art book is based on the 1948 song called,

"A ~ You're Adorable,"

which wanders through the alphabet in an old-fashioned way.
This presented me with a lyrical pattern
in which to celebrate some of my collected vintage images.
Also, the song has special meaning to me because my
maternal grandmother used to sing it to me when I was little.

*You can click on each of the pictures to show a larger and clearer image.

First, here are the lyrics to the song.
(above) This is the cover of "A ~ You're Adorable"
A ~ You're adorable ... B ~ You're so beautiful ...
C ~ You're a cutie full of charms ... D ~ You're a darling and ...

E ~ You're exciting ... F ~ You're a feather in my arms ...

G ~ You look good to me ... H ~ You're so heavenly ...

I ~ You're the one I idolize ... J ~ We're like Jack and Jill ...

K ~ You're so kiss-able ... L ~ Is the love-light in your eyes ...

M, N, O, P ... I could go on all day ...

Q, R, S, T ... Alphabetically speaking you're OK!

U ~ Made my life complete ... V ~ Means you're very sweet ...

W, X, Y, Z ... It's fun to wander through the alphabet with you,
to tell you what you mean to me!

This is the back cover with a pocket that holds the lyrics to the song.


  1. Your work is wonderful! Your choice of colors vibrant! I love your work. It is truly a pleasure to look at!
    The rust altered book is fabulous too! I have not worked with rust but I will now!
    I am so glad to get the chance to take a look!
    Please continue with your magnificent art!

  2. Thanks, Cindy! I think my "RUST" book was one of my most favorites. Something about rust just pulls me in ... the color, of course, but the history as well. Thank you for your compliments!